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YUMCHI ORGANIC Napa Cabbage Kimchi Monthly Saver (4x 300g)

As a naturally preserved product, our kimchi has been lab tested for a 12 month shelf life. Stor...
As a naturally preserved product, our kimchi has been lab tested for a 12 month shelf life. Storage is recommended chilled but not essential. We aim to provide you with Best Before Dates of 6 months.
  • NOT YOUR AVERAGE TRADITIONAL KIMCHI: Packed with billions of gut-friendly bacteria, kimchi is mild and tangy, different from traditional recipes. The distinct organic kimchi sourness is a sign of real fermentation which unlocks nutrients and converts sugars into lactic acid. No artificial flavours or preservatives are used and we ferment over 2 weeks with no fish sauce unlike lots of the Asian brands you may have tried.
  • SO WHAT IS KIMCHI? / HOW DO I SERVE IT? Kimchi is an ethnic fermented vegetable dish made with natural lactic fermentation, similar to the fermentation process of the familiar probiotic yoghurt. Kimchi is a dish in itself, but can also be used as a pickle, a cooking sauce or an accompaniment to a wide range of host foods including soups, salads and stir-fries.
  • FEMALE FOUNDED: YUMCHI is the brainchild of Japanese-Korean chef and kimchi expert Lily Hirasawa. Lily's traditional family recipe, passed down from Korean mother to daughter through the generations as is kimchi-making tradition, has been lovingly adapted for a Western palate.
  • SUPER HEALTHY AND DIET FRIENDLY: Our delicious natural kimchi is 100% natural, full of natural probiotics and contains only 10 calories per serving. With no added sugar it really is your perfect guilt-free sidekick!
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC, RAW & UNPASTURISED: Keep your tummy happy with our certified organic and unpasteurised YUMCHI Kimchi! It’s 100% plant-based and naturally fermented in Hackney, London!

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