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YUMCHI is committed to minimising food waste and creating sustainable solutions to getting YUMCHI pouches into your pocket. We even reuse our unsold kimchi and turn it into jam and kimchi salt! Koreans, like in my family, love kimchi that has been fermented over a long period of time. So don’t feel like you have to throw old kimchi away. We have even been known to eat year-old kimchi! The taste seems to get better with time. Like an aged wine or whiskey.

Sustainability is at the core of our business, and at the heart of traditional kimchi processing. Kimchi is historically made in November and left to ferment underground to keep cool over the winter. Traditionally, there were low barriers to entry for food fermentation and other preserving traditions. From pickling to curing, drying to fermenting, cultures spanning Asia and Africa prolonged the shelf-life of food without using modern technology like a fridge or freezer. By doing this, they reduced food waste and benefitted their gut health. Plus, fermented, cured and dried foods are incredibly tasty!

Studies have also confirmed that fermented cabbage is healthier than raw cabbage. Fermentation unlocks nutrients that are not ordinarily absorbed by the body, creating new vitamins and minerals for our health. People with gut issues who are not able to eat cabbage raw, should happily be able to eat kimchi. The bacteria in the kimchi has done half the digestive work for you! And the longer the kimchi has been fermenting for, the more bacteria will likely be in your kimchi.

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