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YUMCHI ORGANIC Radiant Radish Kimchi Monthly Saver (4x 300g)

As a naturally preserved product, our kimchi has been lab tested for a 12 month shelf life. St...

As a naturally preserved product, our kimchi has been lab tested for a 12 month shelf life. Storage is recommended chilled but not essential. We aim to provide you with Best Before Dates of 6 months.

YUMCHI brings you our new season Radish Kimchi! Did you know you can 'kimchi' any vegetable? Kimchi is the process. Here we've fermented local radishes with the same loving recipe as our signature Napa Cabbage Kimchi. Try these little cubes of crunchy, tangy deliciousness for a healthy happy tummy!

A new kind of Korean Kimchi adapted from a 3rd generation family recipe! YUMCHI is naturally fermented in London over 4 weeks. It's unpasteurised for maximum probiotic value, meaning its full of gut-friendly bacteria. 100% plant-based, we promise to never use fish sauce. Tangy and delicious with a spicy kick, it's sure to elevate any meal.

    • NOT YOUR AVERAGE TRADITIONAL KIMCHI: Packed with billions of gut-friendly bacteria, kimchi is mild and tangy, different from traditional recipes. The distinct organic kimchi sourness is a sign of real fermentation which unlocks nutrients and converts sugars into lactic acid. No artificial flavours or preservatives are used and we ferment over 2 weeks with no fish sauce unlike lots of the Asian brands you may have tried.
    • SO WHAT IS KIMCHI? / HOW DO I SERVE IT? Kimchi is an ethnic fermented vegetable dish made with natural lactic fermentation, similar to the fermentation process of the familiar probiotic yoghurt. Kimchi is a dish in itself, but can also be used as a pickle, a cooking sauce or an accompaniment to a wide range of host foods including soups, salads and stir-fries.
    • FEMALE FOUNDED: YUMCHI is the brainchild of Japanese-Korean chef and kimchi expert Lily Hirasawa. Lily's traditional family recipe, passed down from Korean mother to daughter through the generations as is kimchi-making tradition, has been lovingly adapted for a Western palate.
    • SUPER HEALTHY AND DIET FRIENDLY: Our delicious natural kimchi is 100% natural, full of natural probiotics and contains only 10 calories per serving. With no added sugar it really is your perfect guilt-free sidekick!
    • CERTIFIED ORGANIC, RAW & UNPASTURISED: Keep your tummy happy with our certified organic and unpasteurised YUMCHI Kimchi! It’s 100% plant-based and naturally fermented in Hackney, London!

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