• FREE Guided Meditation Evening with Lily at FLAT IRON SQUARE for #shapeLDN

    Still your mind with this guided mediation class and health talk from the creator of YUMCHI kimchi.  The first part of the evening will begin with an introduction to meditation and its origins, with a focus on integrating mindfulness meditation into a busy, city-life schedule. We will discuss ho... View Post
  • YUMCHI & The Replicants: A match made in dystopian heaven #SecretCinema

    To celebrate kimchi in space, YUMCHI is now on sale at Secret Cinema. What!? YES. WE ARE THERE. What tasty treats do we have? Blade Runner-style street food. Kimchi jam with pork scratchings (because we believe in zero waste) or kimchi-salted dried seaweed (because we know you may be up for something lighter). Perfect for cinema snacking!

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  • The Art of Slow Living

    What is it about Copenhagen that we love so much? Our fascination lies somewhere between their fresh coffee, their lovely cafés and all its greenery. Our favourite memories in this uber cool city all involve sitting around, enjoying a pleasureful, drawn out brunch, sipping on a coffee whilst strolling the streets and eating sourdough pizza with locals. It was something about the culture, the vibe. And then it came to us, albeit slowly - it was a slow life. View Post