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How to Have a Happy and Healthy Weight Loss Journey

How to Have a Happy and Healthy Weight Loss Journey

Whatever your reasons for wanting to shed a few pounds, losing weight in a way which is healthy and sustainable is key. This means forgetting diet fads and harmful weight loss products and instead opting for a healthy lifestyle which will help you to look and feel good your best for as long as you keep it up – whilst avoiding the vicious cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain which many dieters struggle to break free from! Read on to discover how to have a happy and healthy weight loss journey.  



OK, we hope you’re ready to absorb the one and only true secret to weight loss – calorie deficit! That’s right, ensuring a regular calorie deficit (consuming fewer calories than you use in energy) is the only way to lose weight. 

This may seem as a bit of an anti-climax if you were expecting something more weird and wonderful, but it’s genuinely the only mechanism by which your body will turn to it’s stores of fat for energy – i.e. resulting weight loss. 

Hate (or love!) to break it to you, but it doesn’t matter whether this calorie deficit is achieved by a Keto, Paleo, Low Carb, Vegan or Raw Food diet, or by Intermittent Fasting – the results in terms of weight loss will be the same if the calorie deficit is the same. 

So long as the food you eat each day contains fewer calories than the energy you use, you will lose weight. The bigger the deficit, the bigger the weight loss – it’s as simple as that! 


Does that mean I have to exercise non-stop? No! It doesn’t. On first hearing the ground-breaking revelation that calorie-deficit is the key to weight loss, you may think “wait a minute, I burn 300 calories in a workout – not 2000!” 

Thing is, calories aren’t just burned during exercise. In fact, 70% of our total energy expenditure each day is used just to keep us alive – pumping blood around the body, keeping our heart beating and carrying out normal metabolic processes. So, just existing burns a whopping amount of calories – hoorah! 

Throw in the fact that eating burns calories (yes, you read that right!) then you’re a fair way towards tipping your daily calories into a deficit. Add in a workout and you’ll find it a synch to tip the scales in your favour. The best way to keep on top of energy in vs. energy out is to track your diet and exercise using an app such as MyFitness Pal, which will make it clear as day whether you’re on track for a calorie deficit or surplus. 

Four Steps to a Healthy Weight Loss Journey 

We now know that the only sure-fire way to shed some pounds is to create a calorie deficit. That may sound simple but there are so many other factors to consider when it comes to losing weight in a way which is healthy, sustainable and as enjoyable and easy as possible. Here are our four top tips for a happy and healthy weight loss journey.  


There’s so much more to weight loss than calories and kilograms and there are far more interesting things to focus on. Instead of aiming for a target weight or sticking to a rigid daily calorie intake, try to be more imaginative. 

Whether it’s fitting into your favourite jeans, improving your fitness levels or boosting your confidence and self-esteem – weight loss goals shouldn’t just be about numbers. 



Unfortunately, the world of business recognises that weight loss is something which people want to happen as quickly and easily as possible. Many consumers are all too happy to part with their hard-earned cash for slimming teas, weight loss shots and fat burners promising maximum results with little to no effort. Truth is, these are often full of hidden nasties and are rarely based on any scientific reason. 

Not only are these potentially harmful to health and super expensive, but any effect they do have on weight loss is likely to be reversed if not worsened as soon as you stop using the product. For example, many weight loss products contain diuretics which get rid of fluid – the only weight you’ll lose with these is water and – you guessed it! – it’ll come right back in a jiffy as soon as you resume life as normal. 


As humans we are hard-wired to focus our efforts on things which are rewarding! Treating yourself when you reach a milestone – maybe not having takeout for a week, reaching a workout target or cutting out your favourite latte – will boost your motivation and keep you focused on your goals. 

Remember, calorie deficit works on average calories consumed in the long-term – so treating yourself to your favourite takeaway, dessert or glass of bubbly won’t reverse all your hard work. In fact, by indulging in the occasional treat you’re far less likely to binge when pesky cravings hit! 


So many of us choose to diet before a wedding, holiday or special occasion – knowing full well that as soon as the big day is over we will return to our old ways, gaining back the weight and resuming unhealthy habits which put it there in the first place! 

The best way to make your diet as safe, sustainable, healthy and happy as possible is to ingrain it into an overall healthy lifestyle. Incorporating natural, healthy foods which are nutritious as well as delicious – and avoiding their processed, junk food counterparts – will make maintaining a healthy weight a doddle in the long-term. 

A healthy lifestyle is about optimising your nutrition, maximising your movement, getting plenty of rest and taking time to look after your mental wellbeing too. These are all aspects of a healthy lifestyle that will help you to smash your goals, look and feel your best and empower your body confidence – not to mention supporting your overall health. 

We hope that we have given you the inspiration and motivation to ditch the diet and embrace a healthy lifestyle to make your weight loss journey as happy and healthy as possible! Natural, nourishing and delicious food should always be on the menu regardless of your weight goals. Yumchi Kimchi is the perfect guilt-free, sugar-free snack which can be enjoyed as part of your healthy lifestyle weighing in at just 10 calories per portion. Enjoying healthy and satisfying snacks between meals is a great way to curb your cravings and stay on track! 

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