YUMCHI founder - aka Kimchi Queen - Lily Hirasawa, shares an update on our organic credentials. The keen-eyed of you may have noticed a small green sticker on the back of our YUMCHI packaging. This is because we are currently in the process of industry-standard organic certification with the Org... View Post
  • Kimchi vs. Sauerkraut: What’s the difference?

      At YUMCHI taster sessions, we regularly get asked: what’s the difference between kimchi and sauerkraut? Aren’t they both just cabbage that has been fermented? We answer them, yes, both kimchi and sauerkraut are cabbage that has been preserved by the process of lacto-fermentation over a perio... View Post
  • GRATEFULNESS! YUMCHI Kimchi creator Lily thanks attendees of Wellness Week’s guided meditation

      YUMCHI kimchi creator Lily last night led a guided meditation and mindful eating practice as part of Wellness Week at FLAT IRON SQUARE for #shapeLDN. At the event, Lily drew on the teachings of Buddhist meditation and Buddhist philosophy, highlighting how its ancient teachings are highly rele... View Post